New ideas and high technologies, as well as leadership in engineering design and production of lubricants are the main concept of our company.
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- substitutions or development of new equivalents for almost any expensive lubricant from the world's leading manufactures

- new lubricants created to your specifications

- new lubricants for sale under your brand name


Multi-purpose PTFE greases
    1. Tomflon EP-2 (-40°C to +140°C): Multipurpose PTFE grease for a multitude of applications. Ultra-fine PTFE particles shape the lubricating film protected against wear and corrosion. Tomflon EP-2 has very low friction factor and may be use when several different high performance lubricants are needed. Engineered for the lubrication of mechanical part in industrial machinery, outdoor equipment, vehicles etc.  Grease can be used in centralized lubrication systems.
Further information: TDS Technical Data , MSDS Safety Data

    2. Tomflon HTM-160 (-40°C to +160°C): Long-term PTFE grease for metal/metal combinations at high temperatures. Excellent protection against wear and corrosion. Very suitable for heavy loads, shocks and vibrations by activated particles of polytetrafluoroethylene.
Further information: TDS Technical Data , MSDS Safety Data

    3. Tomflon CM-180 (-30°C to +180°C): High-temperature, multipurpose heavy duties PTFE grease. For the lubrication of almost any mechanical part in industrial machinery with slow to fast movements and moderately high loads over high-temperature.
Further information: TDS Technical Data , MSDS Safety Data

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